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4 entries? only three if you don't include mine.. Looks like you guys reaaaallly wanted this community to stay around.. That isn't even enough for a contest. And this week wasn't even hard. it took me exactly 6 mins to make my icon. I don't even know what to say, lol. If Mai wants to start a new contest on tuesday, that's her choice, but I'm done. I'm sorry... ♥ If you're wondering why I didn't put up a reminder, it's because I sprained my ankle on wednesday and then there was a death in my close family on thursday. Sue me.

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Week 13 Submission

Well.. This week may be the last week, huh? We'll see how many entries we get. The theme is...

Black & White

Any image.. just has to be in black and white.. easy enough, right? :P I'm sure you all know how to make images black and white in photoshop or whatever you might use.

//Submit your icons to this post by Sunday at 6:00 PM EST
//Submit only ONE icon. If you want this comm to stay open, you'll have to support it with your one icon and hope that everyone else does, too.
//Enter your submission in this format:


Now we just wait and see. ^__^
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Unforutnately, there are only FOUR votes this week. I was out yesterday, giving you all another whole day. I'm really busy right now but.. aside from that fact, I'm going to skip this week's challenge and wait for Mai to come back. Winners will be posted next tuesday as well as a new theme, so take this time to relax a bit, take a break and come back with new ideas. But please go vote on the voting post. ^_^;;
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Week 12 Voting

Sorry it's a bit late.. I'm kinda sick. XD
I'm not very impressed with the number of icons this week, I mean.. you could've submitted absolutely anything you wanted. Oh well :P Better luck next week, right?

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Week 12 theme

Ok, first off, the theme for week 12 will be

Free For All

[stole idea from pot_icontest cause I'm busy this week...]

Basically, your icon can have anything on it. Any text, any character, any gradient, anything you want. Have fun with your submission, y'know?

You can submit up to two icons. Submit to this post by Sunday, at 6:00PM EST

submission doing look like this;


got it? good.

Ok, now for an apology. I'm sorry I haven't been paying much attention to this comm. I have received the emails for the affiliates as well as the images and all of that, and i'm very sorry I haven't responded to them yet but I am absolutely SWAMPED with all the crap I am doing. Mai has gone away for the rest of the month, leaving me to run the comm as well as another comm on my own and I also co-mod another one that I have to make icon bases for every week. So this is the comm I pay the least attention to, and I'm very sorry for that. I really hope you can forgive me, I mena, it's not like I don't want to pay attention to the comm. I'm just particularly stressed right now and I can't keep up with everything. Until Mai is back, things will be a bit hectic, so I hope you can all wait on responses and such ^^ when Mai is back, I'll start paying more attention and I'll actually think up a decent theme for next week -_- I'm sorry about this~~ don't be too mad, hm? ^^. I need to relax for a while but either tomorrow or before the weekend I'll respond to the emails and update the userinfo page. Please be patient with me for now ^-^

On that note, don't forget to submit!!~ I wanna see some pretty icons this week, the theme is so vague it'll be easy to come up with something, right?
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Tree with lights


We have nine entries for this week; Lovely you guys as always. Please submit more icons the next week. :D chellie_ will be posting up the new theme. :D
♥ Since members have difficulty searching for images, I will asking chellie_ for more options for themes later on once I get back or until...she views this post. :D

Now onwards to voting;
Please vote for your top three favorite icons; Vote like so:
1. #
2. #
3. #
#, #, #

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