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hime_icontest's Journal

Mai-HiME Icontest
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Welcome to hime_icontest! An Icontest that focuses on the wonderful anime series Mai-HiME.


// Every submission must contain an image from the series Mai-HiME obviously.
// You may use manga, artbook, and doujinshi images. Fanart will only be permitted if it is your own
// The submitted icon must fit livejournal standards[100x100 and 40k, no more.]
// Submitted icons must be new and created for the specific theme for the week that you are submitting in.
// Do not go around advertising your icon. Show no one! No insider voting, let's be fair, shall we? :P
// You must be a member of the community to submit your entries.
// Do not steal icons. If you would like to use an icon that someone has submitted, post a comment and I will unscreen it so that the icon maker can see. If that person says that it's alright to use their icon, then you may, and only then.
// Do not use Livejournal user pics for image hosting. get a photobucket account at photobucket.com, or some other type of image hosting account.
// Mods hold the right to disqualify any entry submitted if it does not follow the rules above.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc., you can contact me by email at distraughtrelic@hotmail.com ..Don't worry, I don't bite. ♥!


// On Tuesday, a new challenge will be posted. Usually earlier in the day, but the time can vary from 8AM~8PM.
// You will have from Tuesday to Sunday at 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time to submit your icon for the week unless stated otherwise in the challenge post
// Please submit your entries as shown below:
(images removed temporarily)
Image URL

// Please make sure that you add the url as shown in the example above, and that your url works.
// You must host your images for submissions, but I will host them for the voting so that the submissions will stay anonymous until the end of the voting. Submission comments will be screened.


// Voting will take place from Sunday at 6:30PM EST to Tuesday at 8:00PM EST
// To vote, you must comment on the "Voting" post, with xx(ammount to be determined depending on the ammount of entries that week) favorite icons in order of likeness.


#1: 05
#2: 09
#3: 01

Example 2:


1st will get 3 points, 2nd will get 2 points, and 3rd will get 1 point


// The voting post will be screened so that all votes will be anonymous
// There will be a Mod's Choice category as well.
// Any mod/banner maker is allowed to enter into all contests, even ones that they have created themselves. They just can't win mod's choice. Trust that all mods will not cheat.
// Winners will be posted shortly after voting has ended.
// Anonymous voting is NOT allowed. Sorry.


Week 1

Winners will be posted here as each week ends.



If you would like to affiliate, just email me at distraughtrelic@hotmail.com, or leave a comment somewhere in the community ^_^


Contact Information
AIM: DistraughtRelic
E-Mail: Distraughtrelic@hotmail.com

Contact Information
AIM: MaiKimberlyTran
E-Mail: angel_wings11@hotmail.com

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